1. Moorings are owned by the club and are not transferrable.

2. Mooring assignments, control, and maintenance of the floats shall be administered by the Float Committee, as directed by the Board of Governors. Moorings may be rearranged and reassigned as ordered by the Board of Governors to obtain the most effective use of the floats.

3. Any member desiring a mooring space shall apply to the Float Committee by submitting a dated and completed application, accompanied by a copy of the boat registration and/or tax receipt.

4. No member shall submit an application under false pretense or have more that one mooring; members shall provide proof of registration at any time as requested by the float chairman.

5. Moorings shall be assigned by the float chairman as openings become available. Waiting lists are based on a first-come, first-served basis; the waiting list shall be posted at all times on the club bulletin board.

6. A person with a mooring shall have preference over someone on the waiting list, provided that he has equal to or more time with a paid mooring that the person on the waiting list.

7. Club membership dues, assessments, float and locker fees must be paid by March 1 in order to secure and/or maintain a mooring.

8. All boat owners must have their name and telephone number on the dock at their assigned mooring.

9. Non-members are not allowed to use a member’s boat unless they are a member of the immediate family, or special arrangements have been made with the float committee.

10. If a member’s mooring fee is paid, but will not be occupied for a period of one year, he must notify the float committee in writing. The mooring may be assigned by the float committee to another member on a temporary basis, who will be charged accordingly. The temporary slip will be assigned according to the next in line on the waiting list. The following year, if the member does not occupy his mooring by May 15th, the mooring reverts back to the club.

11. There shall be no boats over 22 feet in length, with a maximum 8 foot beam. Boats over 20 feet in length shall be moored at moorings #27 through #61, as space is available. Boats of unusual designs, such as catamarans, house boats, etc. are not allowed at the floats (Exceptions – moorings #43, 44, and 45: maximum length 22 feet, maximum beam 8 feet, 6 inches).

12. The following are prohibited on the floats: a) Leaving the main gate open b) Chaining and/or locking boats to the floats or pilings. c) Refueling boats while secured to the float. d) Litter or refuse on the floats, fish cleaning station, or any other appendage to the floats. e) Overnight docking by anyone not holding a mooring, unless permission is granted by the float committee or board member (emergency situations excluded).

13. Mooring at the main float is primarily intended for loading and unloading and is not to exceed 30 minutes.

14. Electrical outlets on the floats will be used for convenience only. No cords shall be left unattended.

15. All boats must be equipped with two adequate bumpers on each side and shall be equipped with stern brackets, and two stern lines not less than 3/8” in diameter. The float chairman has the authority to disapprove of any such equipment he feels is inadequate.

16. All boats, stern brackets, and lines shall be removed from the floats by the third weekend in November; members will be subject to a fine for non-compliance. Additionally, members who have not removed their boat, stern brackets and lines seven (7) days after the removal date will be subject to a fine and/or loss of mooring.

17. It is prohibited to store any and all combustible material in the lockers. No articles will be allowed on the locker room floor or hung from the ceiling or walls. Names and telephone numbers must appear on lockers, or locks may be removed by the float chairman.

18. The Pastime Athletic and Social Club is not responsible for loss, theft, or damages to any craft or its contents moored at the floats. The same applies to the contents of all lockers.

19. Any violations of the float rules and regulations are subject to a fine the amount of which will be set by the board of governors. The enforcement procedure will be as follows: a) First Notice: the member will be notified verbally and/or in writing by the float chairman and given seven (7) days to correct the violation. b) Second Notice: if the violation is not corrected in seven days, the boat owner will be fined and given fourteen (14) additional days to correct the violation c) Termination: if the fine is not paid and the violation is not corrected within twenty-one (21) days of the first notice, the member will lose their mooring privileges’. d) Reinstatement of mooring privileges’ will be subject to the decision of the board of governors.

20. Any and all violations of the float rules and regulations are subject to review by the Board of Governors.

Fortunately, we do not anticipate any grievances requiring committee action; if there are, they must be made in writing and properly signed and dated.

Thank you,

Float Committee

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