Pastime Athletic Club of Norwalk, Connecticut By-Laws


This club shall be known and designated as the PASTIME ATHLETIC CLUB, INC., as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.


The objects and purposes of this Club shall be to provide a suitable club house, grounds and moorings for its members. To encourage fellowship among its members by promoting and sponsoring all social, athletic and boating activities.


1 . The Officers of this Club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and a Governing Board.

2. The Governing Board shall consist of the five elected officers, six other duly elected members and two (2) alternates, as elected.

3. The Nomination of officers shall take place at the November club meeting. Further nominations from the floor and the elections shall be held at the December club meeting.

4. No member may be elected to any office unless he has been in good standing for at least one (1) year. No member may serve as President without first having served as an elected officer or Governing Board member for at least one (1) term of office. The election of officers shall be by a closed ballot.

5. A duly elected Officer shall assume office as of January 1.

6. A vacancy shall be filled by a special election meeting called by the President for that purpose.

7. Effective January 1, 1990 no Officer, Board member, Committee Chairman, or Committee member shall be exempt from payment of Dues. The Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Financial Chairman shall receive a credit of $100.00 for performance of their duties which would be applied to the following year's statement.

8. Any member in good standing shall be entitled to present to the Recording Secretary, in writing, a slate of Officers and Governing Board members which must be posted at least ten (10) days prior to the December Election Meeting.


1 . The President shall preside over all Governing Board meetings, all regular and special Club meetings. He shall have the power to call special meetings of the Club at his discretion, or be obliged to do so at the written request of 10 members in good standing.

2. The President shall have the authority to appoint special committees, with approval of the Board of Governors.

3. The President shall have the right to vote in the election of Officers and Governing Board members. The President shall be ex-officio of all Committees. He shall make no motions or amendments while attending these meetings, however he shall have the right to vote in case of a tie.

4. The President shall, at the October Club meeting, appoint a nominating committee of 5 members in good standing who shall be responsible for presenting a slate of 5 officers and 6 Governing Board members for the coming year.

5. In emergency cases, the President shall have the right to call special Governing Board meetings at his request.


1 . The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, have all the power and perform all the duties of the President.

2. The Vice President shall stand as head of one of the Standing Committees, at the discretion of the President.


1 . The Secretary shall keep full and accurate records of all club meetings, both regular and Governing Board, also special meetings.

2. He shall be responsible for all club correspondence, refer all mail connected with the club to its proper recipient.

3. The Secretary shall be responsible for the club bulletin board, keeping it up to date, removing unnecessary items that do not pertain to club business.


1 . It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to keep a true and accurate account of all Building Fund monies, collect same and transfer monies to the Financial Committee at the weekly financial meeting.

2. He shall send out all bills for membership dues, mooring fees, locker fees and keep an up to date record of the names and addresses of all Club members.

3. He shall issue to each member a certificate of membership, copy of current by-laws and new members shall receive same from the President at their initiation.

4. He shall contact any member who becomes in arrears of any indebtedness to the Club.

5. He shall, at the end of his term of office, turn over to his successor all records and monies belonging to the Club.

6. The Financial Secretary shall be bonded.


1 The Treasurer shall receive from the Financial Committee and Club monies, he shall sign all checks of the Club together with the President or the Financial Secretary.

2. He shall keep an accurate account of all Club monies received and disbursed, he shall deposit Club monies in the name and credit of "The Pastime Athletic Club, Inc."

3. He shall make monthly reports at the regular Club meetings. He shall, on request, give to any member of the Club, in good standing, detailed information concerning the Club Finances.

4. He shall have bank statements available at each Club regular meeting along with his report.

5. He shall have the responsibility of retaining an outside C.P.A. to oversee the Club books, said C.P.A. shall be approved by the Board of Governors.

6. The Treasurer shall be bonded.


1. The Board of Governors shall have general supervision and management over all Club property, including the kitchen and moorings.

2. The Board, at its January meeting shall appoint a bar manager and assistants.

3. The Board shall establish a salary for all employees of the Club.

4. The Board shall have the power and authority to enforce rule and regulations for the use of premises and the conduct of members and guests thereon, and to prescribe penalties for violations thereof.

5. The Board shall have the power, by a two-thirds vote of the members present, at any meeting, to suspend or expel, after notice and opportunity to be heard, any member for conduct which in its opinion endangers the welfare, interest or character of the Club, or for violations of the by-laws.

6. Any situation not covered by the by-laws shall be referred to the Board for its recommendation to the membership.

7. Any capital improvements to the Club must be approved by the Board and presented to the membership for approval.

8. At all Board meetings, seven members shall constitute a quorum.

9. Any member or alternate of the Board that misses two consecutive or three Governing board Meetings without being excused from his term of office shall be dismissed from his position and replaced by the alternate next in line. The alternates vacancy shall be filled by election at the next regularly scheduled general meeting.

10. Alternates are required to attend all meetings and may vote in lieu of an absent Board Member.


1 . On or before the January regular Club meeting, the President shall appoint the Chairman of the following Committees. All appointments are subject to approval by the Governing Board.

(A) Finance Committee

(B) Bar

(C) Floats

(D) Entertainment

(P) Sports

(F) Membership

(G) House & Building

(H) Good & Welfare

2. Each Chairman shall select his own Committee members and report same to the Recording Secretary on or before the February Club meeting.

3. At the expiration of their term of office, all committee Chairmen must turn over to the Club all records and property belonging to the Club.

4. During their term of office, all Standing Committee Chairmen shall be exempt from payment of dues. (Amended per Article III, Paragraph 7)


1 . The Financial Committee shall consist of a Chairman appointed by the President, the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and other members selected by the Chairman as deemed necessary to process and account for all Club monies.

2. The Financial Committee's primary responsibility is to account to the Board of Governors for all receipts and expenditures of Club monies as may be handled by the Bar Manager. Financial Secretary, Treasurer and other Committee Chairmen which may be involved in receipts and disbursements.

3. The Financial Committee shall implement systems and procedures, subject to approval by the Board of Governors, to achieve its objective of accountability.

4. The Financial Chairman shall be bonded.

5. The Financial Committee shall see to it that a "One Write" disbursement checking system be maintained; that all checks have two signatures per Article VIll, Paragraph 1; and that all receipts are deposited via night depository at the end of each ring out.


1 . The Entertainment Committee shall be responsible for all social activities of the Club, cooperating with the Bar Manager.

2. The Committees shall receive an appropriation sufficient enough to carry out their social activities. The amount to be appropriated shall be determined by the Board of Governors.

3. Reports of the social activities, all monies received and disbursed, shall be in writing and presented to the Club at the next regular meeting.

4. All monies received from the social activities weekly shall be turned over to the Financial Secretary or the Financial Committee at its regular weekly meeting.

5. At the end of the fiscal year, the Entertainment Chairman shall submit a summary report of the year's activities, all profits and expenditures.

6. At the end of its term of office, the Entertainment Committee shall turn over to the Club all monies and records belonging to the Club.


1 . The Chairman of the Sports Committee shall be responsible for the efficient operation of all athletic activities.

2. The Chairman shall submit an annual budget in writing, for the Sports teams and other anticipated expenditures to the Board of Governors.


1 . It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to review all applications for the membership and report their findings to the Governing Board.

2. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for programs to increase Club membership.


1. The House Committee shall consist of a Chairman and other members, as needed, to make minor repairs to the building proper, maintain lighting and make recommendations for other necessary repairs to the Governing Board.



1 . The Master at Arms shall be responsible for the attendance records at all regular and special club meetings.

2. He shall notify the Governing Board of members who have missed three (3) consecutive Club meetings, he shall maintain a list of said members and members who's dues are delinquent, fines and/or suspended for any violations of the Club rules. Said list shall be posted on the Club bulletin board.

3. The Master at Arms shall maintain order at Club meetings, or special meetings, at the discretion of the President.


1. The Good and Welfare Chairman shall report to the Club any member in good standing who is ill. He shall send an appropriate card to said members.

2. He shall send a floral piece to all deceased members and also to the immediate family of any member in good standing.


1. The regular meetings of the Club shall be held in the club rooms, 59 Seaview Avenue on the third Monday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. except in July and August.

2. The Board of Governors shall meet in the club rooms on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 P.m..

3. 25% of the Club membership, in good standing and present in person, shall constitute a quorum to open a meeting. A majority vote shall decide all questions.

4. "Roberts Rules of Order" shall govern all proceedings of the Club, except as herein provided.

5. The following order of business shall be observed at all meetings:

(1) Pledge of allegiance to the Flag (2) Moment of silence for departed members (3) Roll call of Officers and Governing Board (4) Reading of minutes, previous meetings (5) Communications

(6) Committee Reports:

(a) Finance

(b) Treasurer

(c) Financial Secretary

(d) Bar Manager

(e) Entertainment

(f) Floats

(g) Sports

(h) Membership

(i) House & Building

(j) Old Business

(k) New Business

(i) Good and Welfare



1. Any person, 21 years of age or older, of good moral character, may apply for membership in the Pastime Athletic Club, Inc. Said application must be endorsed by the sponsor, one member in good standing, and one Governing Board member.

2. Applications for membership must be legibly printed in ink or typed, and processed through the Financial Secretary and posted on the bulletin board upon receipt. The Membership Chairman (or his delegate) shall read the application at the next two successive Board meetings and if the applicant is not rejected he shall be initiated at the next regularly scheduled general meeting.

3. Applicants for membership who have been rejected, for any reason, may not file another application for a period of (1) year.

4. If the applicant is accepted for membership, the Financial Secretary shall notify him accordingly. The applicant must appear at the next regular Club meeting, along with his sponsor, to be obligated.

5. Membership in THE PASTIME ATHLETIC CLUB, INC., the rights and privileges therein are personal and shall not be transferable.

6. No person shall be allowed membership in this Club who has been convicted of a crime, felony, moral or otherwise. (Statute of Limitation shall prevail)

7. Any member, in good standing, who has held membership in THE PASTIME ATHLETIC CLUB, INC., for a continuous period of thirty (30) years shall be waived for life, all dues. In addition, life members who are senior citizens (65 and older) shall be waived for life all assessments. Life members shall retain their voting rights and all privileges of the Club.

8. No member shall be absent from three (3) consecutive Club regular meetings. Any member so charged with missing these Club meetings will be subject to a fine set by the Board of Governors. Reasons for missing Club meetings and/or hardship cases must be presented to the Governing Board annually. Life members and senior citizens 65 or older are exempt from regular attendance.

a. First Offense: Fines payable within 10 days of notification.

b. Second Offense: Fine and 60 days suspension. Suspension encompasses all club privileges such as meetings, moorings, lockers, barroom, etc. Failure to comply with the fine and suspension shall mean termination from the club.

c. Third Offense: Automatic termination.

d. The Governing Board shall take into consideration any legitimate hardship. Proof of hardship is required in writing or in person at a meeting of the Board.

9. Any member, not in good standing shall not be allowed to attending the December Election Meeting.

10. The following disciplinary action will automatically be applied by the Governing Board for violators of club rules.

a. First Offense: Warning letter.

b. Second Offense: Thirty day suspension.

c. Third Offense: Suspension for a period of time to be determined by the Board.

d. Physical violence or causing property damage is subject to immediate suspension by the President subject to review by the Board.

e. Any member who is disciplined has the right to appear before the Board to appeal his case.


1 . The dues, fees, assessments and any fines shall be established by the Board of Governors and presented to the Club membership for approval.

2. Any change in said charges must be voted on no later than the November regular Club meeting. The Financial Secretary shall send membership dues statements out by December 15th.

3. Statements are due and payable as of January 1. Any member whose dues are not received at the club or postmarked by midnight of March I shall be deprived of all rights and privileges of membership in the club and notified by certified mail to turn in his club keys and membership card.

4. Any member who does not renew his membership may reapply at any time; however, will be subject to all requirements for new applicants; however, any previous time as a member will not be applicable toward life membership. The Board reserves the right to deny guest privileges to any former member if deemed to be in the best interest of the club.

5. Any Member on active duty in the armed forces shall be exempt from payment of dues during his tour of duty.

6. Any member who is unable to meet his financial obligations because of a hardship may request an extension from the Board of Governors. Said request shall be in writing and must be received prior to the second Monday in February. It granted, said extensions shall not exceed 30 days and may not be further extended.


1. The control and maintenance of the mooring and boat facilities shall be vested in the Float Committee, under supervision of the Board of Governors.

2. The right of occupancy of a mooring shall be accorded a member of the club, in good standing, who has paid his dues and mooring fees by the date specified.

3. All moorings are owned by the Club under control of the Float Committee and are not transferable.

4. The Float Committee shall be responsible for posting an updated waiting list for moorings.

5. Any member desiring mooring space, must apply to the Float Committee, in writing, with a dated and signed application. Said application must be accompanied by the boat registration. If no mooring is available, the member then will be placed on the waiting list.

6. The mooring waiting list shall be posted according to the dates of the applications and assigned moorings shall be based on length and beam as they become available.

7. There shall be no boats over 22 ft. in length and 8 ft. in beam allowed mooring space at the Club flows.

8. Only immediate family members may use a member's boat and all boat members shall be responsible for the safe operation of their boars at the mooring area. Boat member's children, 14 years or under must have a valid coast guard operators permit in order to use a member's boat at the mooring area.

9. Applications for lockers, if available, are for boat members only. A waiting list for lockers shall be posted according to application date.

10. In addition to these Rules, the Float Committee shall post, prior to the boating season, a list of rules and regulations governing the use of the moorings, which all boat members shall abide by.

11. It is not necessary for a member to own a boat in order to put his name on a waiting list.

12. When a member's name comes up and he is assigned a slip he has thirty days to moor a boat which is registered in his name.

a. If a member does not put a boat in within the thirty days he will forfeit the slip, be charged for the thirty days on a prorated basis based on the size of the slip and have his name revert to the bottom of the waiting list.

b. The slip will then be offered to the next name on the waiting list under the same conditions.


1. The interpretation of this Constitution and these Bylaws and all revisions or amendments to same shall rest in the hands of the Governing Board, their decision will then be presented to the Club membership.

2. Amendments may not be voted on until same h been posted on the Club bulletin board for a period of three (3) weeks and it may be amended only after a two-thirds vote by members present at the next regular Club meeting.

Re interpretation of these by-laws and Constitution upon their passage and acceptance by the Club members shall become the sole governing laws, rules and regulations of the PASTIME ATHLETIC CLUB, INC., and any former by-laws or Constitutions shall be nullified.


The Board of Governors shall, at their January meeting, review the security system and determine what access officers, board and committee members and employees shall have to club facilities.

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